Yannis Tsarouchis’s archive is an integral part of his overall oeuvre. It was formed by the artist himself throughout his lifetime and contains documents relating to his personal life and also to his development as an artist. After his death in 1989, the archive came into the ownership of the Foundation. It may be claimed, therefore, that the archive has remained intact, with a few minor reservations. Its completeness is due to the artist himself, who not only meticulously assembled this valuable material, bat had also made a beginning on its classification.

The major groups, by subject, in the archive are:

I. Personal and Biographical information

This group contains documents connected with his studies and personal life.

II. Creative Work

a. Painting
Documents relating to the development of his work from his youth to his death, documentation, participation in exhibitions, sale of works, commissions, invitations, etc.

b. Theatre – Dance – Cinema
Documents relating to his activities as a stage and costume designer in the theatre and opera, tragedies, dance and cinema. Programmes, photographs, contracts, reviews, related correspondence, invitations etc.

c. literary Work
This includes anything connected with Tsarouchis’s literary work and publications.

III. Teaching

This includes anything connected with his teaching at the Ionian centre.

IV. History of Costume

Historical archive devoted to the study of the costume of various places and at various periods.

V. Correspondence

This includes correspondence with Greeks and foreigners who were either friends of Tsarouchis or had a professional relationship with him. They include Lila De Nobili , Teriade (Stratis Elefthariades), Claude Bernard, Yannis Moralis, Manos Chatzidakis, Alexis Minotis, Franco Zeffirelli, and many other members of Athenian society of the day.

VI. Photographic Archive

Personal photographs, his photographs of models for studies of his works, neoclassical buildings etc.

From the time the Foundation began to function down to the present day, the archive has been and continues to be constantly enriched by important donations.

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