The Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation  was created in 1981.

The headquarters of the Foundation are in Maroussi, in the building at Ploutarchou Street 28 in which the Museum is also housed. According to its charter, it is governed by a five-member Board, the founding members of which are appointed for life. The members of the first six-member Board were appointed by Yannis Tsarouchis and he himself was president until the day of his death in July 1989.

The Objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To assemble as complete as possible a collection of the works of the Founder, representing all his aspirations and styles at various times, to take a detail inventory of them, and to keep and conserve them in accordance with international museological specifications.
  • To disseminate knowledge of the work of Yannis Tsarouchis
    • by organising exhibitions of the artist’s work at the Foundation or at other venues
    • by participating in exhibitions organised by other institutions
    • by loaning works from the Foundation’s collections
    • by publishing books not only on Yannis Tsarouchis’s painting, but also on his writing, translations and stage-designs
    • by facilitating and supporting researchers who wish to study the artist’s work

The Foundation owns the copyright to the entire oeuvre of Yannis Tsarouchis (Visual arts and writings).


The Foundation Occupies a two-storey house, which was designed by Yannis Tsarouchis to be his residence and studio. The building was declared a protected monument by the Hellenic Ministry of Town and Country Planning in 1985 and by the department of Early Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture in 2002.

The ground floor of the building is given over to the administration and a small shop.  The first floor and attic, which were the artist’s studios, are now the exhibition area, which has been kept exactly as inspired and constructed by the artist himself. Exhibitions, which are periodically changed, are held in these spaces.

Exhibition Rooms

first floor
first floor
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