The Tsarouchis Foundation designs and runs Educational Programs aimed at transforming a visit to the Museum into a pleasant and creative experience for children.

    The educational programs of the Foundation are organised in groups of about 30, and are offered from wednesday to Friday, 09:00-14:00, after contacting the Museum. They are designed for pupils and students of all levels of public and private education (nursery school, primary school high school, and tertiary educational institutions).

    The guided tour is enlivened by a range of activities centred on the pupils, which call upon them to be actively involved. Their imagination is stimulated through dialogue and theatre play, and they learn the concepts, manners and styles of paintings, and discover the importance of observation for a deeper understanding not only of painting, but also of the world around them.

    All the above culminates in paintings done by the children themselves, who are now called upon to use paint or pencil to express on paper what has impressed them in the Museum rooms. Events are held at regular intervals involving activities, including modelling, and exhibitions of works by the children.

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