The House, Studio and Museum of Yannis Tsarouchis at Marousi

“At long  last, I owned a plot. Now, I had to think of the means that would allow me to raise the money I needed to build an atelier. It was not out of vanity, but out of a practical need. I felt the need to create large scale works.”

(Yannis Tsarouchis – Paintings, p. 74)

Yannis Tsarouchis(1910 – 1989) was one of the Greek artists of his generation who has produced a many faceted “oeuvre” which was based on his researchers that lasted for more than seven decades, on painting, scenography and his writings. In 1965 he built his house and atelier in Marousi at 28 Ploutarchou str.

His private quarters are at ground floor, he created his atelier on the first and second floor (attic room). In 1981 he established
Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation, and converted the use of the first floor and attic room into showrooms where the public could view his paintings. It was first opened to the public in 1982.

At that time he donated to the Foundation 5000 of his works, his house, and atelier and his very extensive archive. From 1982 until 1989 he curated and organized all the exhibitions showing the donated works.

Based on his very important photographic archive the Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation,  was able to reconstruct his atelier.  The present show welcomes its visitors showing unpublished material from Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation researches concerning painting, theatrical representation, parts of his personal correspondence .

To  render and explain how light and shadow was used by him, works are pinned on the cloth covered walls, or resting on the floor. As it is impossible to use originals, accurate copies are used, as well as photographic material from the archives. Personal objects left here and there so that the visitors can perceive the atmosphere Yannis Tsarouchis created around himself in his own work area.

For example, in the attic room light is coming from above from two skylights. The reason being that he used this space to paint and photograph his models with light from above. What is now shown are photographs of the models that were taken in this space by the artist as well as copies of the works he realized  with the models.  

In this framework of the exhibition guided tours, educational programs and interactive events for children and parents will take place.


Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-15:00
Entrance: 5 euro

Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation, 28 Ploutarchou str, Τ. 210 80 62 636 – 7

Facebook: Yannis Tsarouchis Foundation
Instagram: Yannis_Tsarouchis_Foundation


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