The Foundation Collection

Works by Other Artists

    In addition to the art of Yannis Tsarouchis, the Foundation owns works by a number of other artists, including a fairly large collection of the Italian stage and costume designer and painter Lila de Nobili, who was a close friend of Tsarouchis.
This collection contains maquette of stage designs and studies of costumes for plays and operas that set their mark on the aesthetics of stage design in post war Europe, as well as portraits, landscapes, book illustrations, etc.

    The Foundation also owns paintings by Theophilos, Manolis Kalliyannis, Niki Karagatsi, Yorgos Mavroidis, Kosmas Xenakis, Panayotis Tetsis, Alekos Fassianos, Thalia Flora-Karavia, Efrosyni Doxiadi, Kostas Haralambidis, Rafael Mahdavi, Frieslander, Fabio Palamidese, Steinberg and other artists, which were presented to Yannis Tsarouchis by the artists themselves.

    It also has a collection of hand painted posters from productions of Karagiozis, as well as figures and objects associated with the shadow theatre (by Sotiris Spatharis, Evgenios Spatharis, Thanasis Dedoussaros and Sotiris Aspiotis).

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